Renting Self Storage Units

Increasing Occupancy

The core objective of a self storage business is to rent units and increase revenue. Not just renting units but keeping them rented and increase occupancy and rates.

Self Storage is no different than any other product or service. The customer has a problem and you; the self storage provider has the solution. But the customer generally has several choices. Therefore, it is essential that after getting the customer to the point of enquiring, they do not move onto the next provider and the opportunity is lost.

This is a sales process just like when selling any other service. When the customer enquires, whether in person, by phone or over the internet, a clear sales process should be followed to give your storage business the best chance of converting that enquiry into a renter.

Harrington Wyles has years of experience in how to achieve that conversion. Through a process of:

  • Discovery questions
  • Identifying exactly what the customer requires
  • Matching their requirements to what you are offering
  • Asking for the business  

HW provides robust strategies to ensure you and your staff are renting as many storage units as possible and for the best price.

Managing Every Inquiry

HW provides a comprehensive program of managing each type of enquiry, including:

  • Phone
  • Walk-in
  • Internet

Each requires a different approach. But rather than just provide the price and let the customer move to the next company, HW provides strategies to get that customer to commit to your facility.

There is a window of opportunity with each enquiry. HW provides the skills on how to understand and manage each one. If not converted on the first customer contact, HW shows how to follow up, what tools to use and when to use them.

Each customer’s circumstances will be different. Some will have an immediate requirement; others will not even have their property on the market. However, every inquiry is a potential rental either now, or in the future. HW provides a complete inquiry management process to ensure none of these opportunities are squandered.

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