Self Storage Management

We have over 15 years of experience in Self Storage Management, managing successful self storage facilities in the UK, Canada and the USA. Harrington Wyles has created a blueprint for success. Our self storage management process integrates all parts of the operation. We ensure the facility is efficiently run and provides a positive experience for customers, staff and owners.

Self storage management covers many areas.

These include:

  • Property and facilities management
  • Operational day to day and strategic management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human resources

HW has a wealth of experience in all these areas. We understand how they need to dovetail together to create a successful self storage business.

Whether this is a new enterprise, single facility, an “add on” to a larger business, or a multi-site self storage operation, HW can provide the expertise and sustainable processes to drive revenue and reduce costs. Our goal is to assist in creating sustainable growth.  We add value through the implementation of proactive management and process.

Our operational process starts at the beginning. We ensure that the facility you are marketing is clean, tidy and presented in the best possible light to your customers. This is not just the physical presentation from the street or internally, but also digitally.

How does your business look to your prospective customers online?

  • How are your inquiries managed? How are your late payers dealt with?
  • How do you manage your pricing? How do you keep the facility clean and tidy?
  • How do you monitor and manage repairs and maintenance?

HW provides a comprehensive management service covering all these areas and more. Keeping costs under control and exploiting opportunities where value can be added is our goal. Alternatively, we provide advice on specific areas of the business. We help you put the processes in place to enable your facility to be managed more proactively.

For more information on how HW can add value to your self storage business contact us.